piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020


Here I come with a new project for Snip Art!!!

This time I have used the chipboard of the shaker tag, which is great to play with several layers in my project.

On a cardboard tag with paper I have placed my shaker tag, to which I have made a mixed media background with stencil, modeling paste, acrylics and inks.

Then a series of decorative elements, sequins, paper, art stones, suitcase chipboard, metal elements to give it volume.

And the title, "BE BRAVE"


I hope you like it and see you soon!


czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2020

Podkowa vintage / Vintage horseshoe

Jest kwiecień. Kwiecień to miesiąc dla mnie osobiście bardzo ważny. Ponieważ urodził się mój syn. Z tej okazji postanowiłam wykonać mu ozdobę do pokoju. Nasza Snipowa baza podkowy była idealna. Wykonałam ją pod kolor ścian w pokoju syna. 
Pomalowałam ją farbami antycznymi oraz wyciełam z papierów elementy by za ich pomocą ułożyć kompozycję. 

It's April. April is a very important month for me personally. Because my son was born. On this occasion, I decided to make him a room ornament. Our Snip horseshoe base was perfect. I made it to the color of the walls in my son's room.
I painted it with antique paints and cut out elements from the paper to arrange the composition.

Ze sklepu użyłam:

From the store I used:


Pozdrawiam serdecznie 
DT Pati

Best wishes
DT Pati

środa, 1 kwietnia 2020


Hi everyone!

Today I bring you a very special project for me, it is a signature book that I have prepared for a friend's wedding, "my little sis" and with which I inaugurate the month of April for Snip Art.

A book in shades of green, turquoise and gray, colors that I like to mix when I can.

I have done it with a Japanese binding

I have used many phrases and words that you can find on the Snip Art website and a collection that is not yet on the web, which are beautiful sheets and that give a lot of play.

At the end of the entry I will leave you the direct link of the chipboards that I have used.

I have played with papers, metal elements, flowers, ribbons and of course the wonderful Snip Art chipboards.


I hope you like it and see you soon!


wtorek, 31 marca 2020

Mixed Media Oval Frame Tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki

Today I will show you a easy tutorial 
to make an oval frame with 
Snip Art 's beautiful chipboard.

I have a ceramic round shaped plate I dont use anymore
It is steady and heavy weight,
perfect for the base of my frame.
these are the chipboard i am gonna use .

then I started layering them up on the plate
I put the several shaker box frames
on the base of the plate to add up the dimension.
and cut down the butterflies to be in the centre.

after that, we added texture and gesso the whole surface
I started with using Lindy's gang spray for colors

I want to create the happy and refreshing image of Spring,
so I used bright color tones as in red, orange and yellow.
then a thin coat of purple with a lot of shimmer 
on the top, I added embossing powder to create 
more texture with colors.

After finished adding colors to the whole piece,
I added elements like micro beads,
sequins, thread and flowers for more details.

These are the chipboard I have used here :


If you have any inquires, please dont hesitate to contact me !