sobota, 29 sierpnia 2020


Hello, today I bring to you my Chained Torso.

This month has been difficult for me,

then I looked at my chipboards and saw the chains and cogs and thought of my heavy wooden Torso

that I have had for a few years and suddenly knew what to make!

It has just been waiting for a project like this!

It stands about 48cm tall and made from wood.

I started by preparing with a Base coat of blackgesso .

After selecting my chipboard pieces from the Industrial Factory range.

And the Jolly Roger chains

I made them a bit wet so I could bend them. 
I then stuck them in place with gel medium and dried it all. 
When it was fully dry I painted it with black paint and added some more cogs to make the layers 3D
then adding some texture paste all over using cadence texture paste to give it more depth and shading. 

The products I used after are Lindy's silver spray and Finnabair White golden wax

It could represent the inner clockwork that keeps us ticking or the way we feel at the moment trapped in chains, with our inner cogs getting rusty from not being able to live freely? Or just a really nice Steampunk style piece of art with no hidden meaning!

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it

x stay safe x CREA RED

used products\

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